Yachting on the Mediterranean Sea, the most beautiful places to visit

If you like to travel on water, the Mediterranean Sea is the ideal destination for yachting. If you want to venture out on the crystal clear waters of this sea, French Riviera luxury properties recommends you some places you can’t miss.

Vue de la Méditerranée.



Discover Corsica aboard a luxury yacht. With all its creeks and unique colors of its rocks, you will be able to admire the landscapes and the massifs that compose this small island. The geographical condition of Corsica is ideal for a yacht to sail near the coast.

French Riviera

From Menton to Marseille, French Riviera is an ideal place for yachting. Go as close as possible to the red rocks and the Esterel massif, imposing by its size and the color of its rock. These landscapes will give you the impression of being in isolated islands while you are in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


Greece is a wonderful and historically rich place. Come and admire its beautiful coastline and the relics that this country contains. A change of scenery guaranteed.


Not far from Greece, you can also admire the coasts of Croatia. With its many events while remaining very discreet, you can enjoy many activities during your stopovers on land.


Venice, Rome, Palermo, all these cities that make you dream and that remind you of this special atmosphere that we find in Italy. Discover this magnificent country from the sea and soak up the local costumes.