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Skipper: what is this job and what is its role?

Yachting is the culture of luxury and voluptuousness, on board you think of nothing. That’s why on a yacht, there is a real small world that takes care of the life and maintenance of these giants of the seas. Among them, you will find chefs, people dedicated to the household, but also one or more skippers. You don’t know this profession? Don’t panic, we will explain what a skipper is and especially what his role is on board and how to become one.

Photo of a boat sailing.


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Which insurances must be taken out when buying a yacht?

Even if it seems logical to take out insurance for a boat or a yacht, it is important to underline that in the case of a yacht, it is almost essential. Because no matter how big or small, there is no such thing as zero risk and every yacht can be damaged. You can go yachting in the Mediterranean and have a collision. To repair the damage, which can sometimes amount to astronomical sums, it is therefore wiser to take out insurance. Find out which one to choose and especially how to find the one that will be the most advantageous for you and your luxury yacht.

Photo of a yacht.


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Yachting, the culture of luxury and voluptuousness

The yacht is a new way of traveling which, after the pandemic, is becoming more and more attractive. A new way of traveling and discovering the world, yachting seduces above all for the luxurious universe that surrounds it. But what gives these yachts this luxurious atmosphere and especially conducive to relaxation and voluptuousness? Here are the 3 reasons why they are so associated with luxury.

View of the inside of a yacht.


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Three colorful Italian villages to discover with a yacht

Discovering Italy by the coast is an incredibly rich experience. The culture, the gastronomy and the sumptuous landscapes crossed on your way will leave you with unforgettable memories. To make sure you do not skip a beat, we recommend chartering a luxury yacht to navigate through Italy’s most dazzling regions and discover their most popular and colorful port villages.

Village coloré d'Italie à visiter à bord d'un bateau.


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Ending 2018 and starting 2019 in style

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve ? A month before the big day, the question already lingers on everyone’s minds. To avoid last-minute stress and lack of organization, here are three interesting ways to celebrate the change of year.

Vue sur la mer pour fêter la nouvelle année.


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Enjoy the French Riviera on a yacht !

The French Riviera is the place to be during summer, one could even say it’s the place to be all year long… One trip around the southeast corner of France is not enough to discover all the secrets of this incredible place. Why not enjoy its beautiful sea and warming sun on a yacht ?

Yacht dans le port de Monaco.


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