Skipper: what is this job and what is its role?

Yachting is the culture of luxury and voluptuousness, on board you think of nothing. That’s why on a yacht, there is a real small world that takes care of the life and maintenance of these giants of the seas. Among them, you will find chefs, people dedicated to the household, but also one or more skippers. You don’t know this profession? Don’t panic, we will explain what a skipper is and especially what his role is on board and how to become one.

Photo of a boat sailing.

What is a skipper?

The skipper is the chief of the boat, whether it is a boat, a yacht or a sailboat. He is the one who will ensure the paid transportation of passengers as well as the routing or ferrying of ships from one port to another on behalf of a third party. Thanks to him, you’ll be able to visit the best yachting destinations.

What is his role on board?

His role is to ensure the transportation of passengers in the rules and especially in complete safety. He knows the sea and the rudiments of navigation. It is thanks to him that you can spend crossings quietly because it is him who directs you. Ideal and especially mandatory if you do not have the necessary accreditations to manage your yacht.

How to become a skipper?

To become a skipper and work professionally in this field, you will need to hold a 200 sailing captain’s license. This diploma is issued by the IrDS (Interregional Directorates of the Sea). You can then prepare yourself in a maritime high school.

You can also take the CPS (Certificate of Professional Skills) for the repair and maintenance of pleasure craft and the Bac Pro for nautical maintenance, which will be a real plus for this profession.