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Japan, an unusual and wonderful yachting destination

Japan is a destination that makes many people dream. The culture, already very marked, makes you travel. Have you ever thought of discovering this wonderful destination on board a luxury yacht? Combine yachting, luxury and pleasure culture with an unusual and wonderful trip to the country of Hayao Miyazaki. Find out why Japan is such a great destination for yachting and sailing, and more importantly, discover the most beautiful places to visit.

View of Japan temple.


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Yachting on the Mediterranean Sea, the most beautiful places to visit

If you like to travel on water, the Mediterranean Sea is the ideal destination for yachting. If you want to venture out on the crystal clear waters of this sea, French Riviera luxury properties recommends you some places you can’t miss.

Vue de la Méditerranée.


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Yachting: Go to Marrakech by sea

When visiting Morocco, you can’t avoid going through Marrakech, even when sailing on a luxury yacht chartered for your holidays. Here are three ports and routes to moor your yacht and head for the imperial city.

Essaouira's port.


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Winter’s key yachting destinations

During the winter season, we’re all tempted by vacations some place faraway to stay healthy and start the new year on the right foot … Are you planning to leave soon? If you haven’t decided where to go yet, we’d like to present three destinations of choice for your winter holidays.

Some yachts dropped anchor.


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Yachting lovers, don’t miss the Cannes Yachting Festival !

Are you passionate about yachting? Do you spend hours looking for the most beautiful yachts online and dream about owning a luxurious boat so you can cross the seas and oceans? If the answer is yes, the Cannes Yachting Festival is definitely for you!

Yachts dans le port de Cannes.


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