Incentive travel: a way to boost the local economy

Among all the ways to boost local economies, incentive travel has become in recent years one of the important poles for the income of small traders in the cities that are chosen as destinations. And nowadays, even more so with the sanitary conditions and the Covid-19, it is important to support the small traders who are suffering and struggling to survive the epidemic. Luxury travel agencies and DMC agencies, specialized in these services, will tell you more about the sectors that these trips help to advance.

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A quick reminder: what are DMC agencies and incentive travel?

A little reminder about the history of DMC agencies and especially about incentive travel. These agencies, originally specialized in travel, have developed to offer what is called incentive travel. It is a kind of reward for employees and to get them out of the very strict and professional framework. There are many benefits to offering such trips to employees such as increased productivity and decreased depression. More and more widespread, these methods are part of what we call today, the corporate culture.

An important pole for various sectors

As we have explained, incentive travel plays an important role in the local economies of destinations and helps to boost various sectors. These are some of the sectors that are positively impacted by this increase in corporate travel.

  • Luxury rental such as yacht charter. This type of entertainment is very often chosen by managers and CEOs to reward their teams. Any member can chill out aboard a luxury yacht, take a sunbath upon the deck, dive with snorkeling accessories and feel recompensate for one’s hard work.
  • Tourism is one of these sectors. Everything that revolves around activities and also guides, which allow to visit the regions, works in part thanks to incentive travel. What better way to learn about a culture and customs than from experts? Professionals that our travelers will be able to find thanks to the reopening of the borders.
  • Catering, because when you go on a short weekend, it is essential to eat, the catering sector is also positively impacted by these short business trips. They help boost the local economy and restaurant owners, whatever their size.
  • The hotel industry is of course in pole position among the sectors that benefit from incentive trips. Thanks to these groups who come to stay, it helps to boost and especially to fill the rooms of the hotels. It is even more important to support these sectors, which are essential to the economy, to help them face this period which, between closures and reopenings, is very hard for them.

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