Incentive travel: The best activities to strengthen your team

In recent years, the corporate culture has developed enormously and especially, the bosses are looking to put forward the well-being of their employees. This is why DMC agencies offer more and more incentive trips that allow teams to bond. Moreover, it allows to go outside the framework of the work itself and to strengthen the bonds and the trust between the members of the team. Not sure what activities to do during your trip? Here are some ideas of team building activities that will help you to bond your team and increase the trust between each of your employees.

A team jumping together.

Why go on an incentive trip?

It is interesting to know the benefits of incentive trips and team building activities for your company. First of all, it will help your company to grow because if you motivate your troops, they will be much more productive. You will also avoid quarrels between employees and you will increase the trust between the hierarchy and the employees on the one hand and between the employees themselves on the other hand, which will help you to delegate tasks more easily. Preparing team building activities also prevents boredom at work and above all burn-out because your employees feel considered and understood.

Activities to strengthen the bonds

Here are the top 4 activities to help you create and strengthen the bonds with your team. You can call upon incoming agencies to organize your events.

The escape game

Locked in a room for 60 minutes, you have only one goal, find the clues to get out of the room in time. It is an ideal activity for team building because you have to create a team cohesion in order to be the most efficient. The escape game will teach you to know each other to succeed in escaping from the room.

Themed tours

Why not organize sports and themed circuits to challenge yourself physically and mentally. Each one of you, thanks to your strengths, will contribute to the team building, without which it would be impossible to pass the tests. This is a great way to learn how to work as a team and apply the lessons learned once back at the office.

Murder parties

What are murder parties ? It’s a life-size role-playing game similar to Cluedo. Everyone has a role to play to advance the story and solve the murder. It is an ideal activity for team building as you have to be in symbiosis for the story to work.

Share a good meal

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. That’s why to bond your team and get to know each other, what better way than to share a great meal in a restaurant in a relaxed atmosphere. You will know better your collaborators and what can bother them on a daily basis in order to improve their working conditions.