(English) Enjoy the French Riviera on a yacht !

The French Riviera is the place to be during summer, one could even say it’s the place to be all year long… One trip around the southeast corner of France is not enough to discover all the secrets of this incredible place. Why not enjoy its beautiful sea and warming sun on a yacht ?

Yacht dans le port de Monaco.


Exploring the Mediterranean Sea

Discovering the French Riviera on a yacht is the best way to enjoy every little thing about the region without feeling oppressed by traffic jams and overcrowded areas. Moreover, the French Riviera is known as one of the most famous destination for yacht lovers, certainly because this is such a rich territory. Thanks to companies like Neo Yachting, which specializes in yacht chartering, purchasing and selling, you can find the perfect ship to explore the Mediterranean Sea and perhaps appreciate a five-star service on board.

So many things to see

From Marseille, passing by Nice, Saint Tropez, Monaco and Cannes … to the Italian coastline, there are thousands of gems to uncover! Each area has its own personality and specialty. This is what makes the trip even more interesting and pleasant. During your journey, don’t forget to try local dishes and look at all the amazing landscapes the region offers.