Cannes acts for eco-friendly navigation

Environmental awareness is growing on the French Riviera. This summer, the mayor of Cannes has enacted a pact, called the “Cruise charter” (Charte Croisière in French) to impose certain rules on maritime tourists who come massively every year. They will have to abide by those rules if they wish to dock in Cannes. But rest assured, you can still charter a yacht and visit the Film Festival city!

View of Cannes from the sea.

The Cruise Charter

Already four companies have signed the Cruise Charter at the initiative of the city of Cannes and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice Côte d’Azur. They have every interest in doing so, since Cannes is the fourth French destination for cruise passengers. A stopover that also attracts luxury yachts that can be admired at the old port or port Canto.

What is required of cruise companies

  • Reduce emissions into the air (cleaner fuel for tendering ships and yachts, no incineration)
  • Preserve water by not discharging wastewater, even treated
  • Navigate without harming the marine flora
  • When docked, adopt sustainable approaches (transport, behavior, etc.)

Rules that any navigator visiting Cannes, whether he is riding a RIB or a superyacht, could also respect. For now, only cruise ships are targeted, since they represent a massive influx of tourists. For them, as of 2020, it will be necessary to respect this charter, or they will not be allowed to stop at Cannes.