Yachting: Go to Marrakech by sea

When visiting Morocco, you can’t avoid going through Marrakech, even when sailing on a luxury yacht chartered for your holidays. Here are three ports and routes to moor your yacht and head for the imperial city.

Essaouira's port.


Coming from the Mediterranean Sea

Sailing by yacht from the eastern Mediterranean, passing through Greece, Montenegro, then Italy, a stop in the Balearic Islands, to finish in Tangier, here is a course worthy of the name. To do this, chartering a luxury yacht is the best option. From Tangier, the plane only takes an hour to reach Marrakech.

Essaouira, a historic port

Located 175 kilometers from Marrakech, Essaouira is a peaceful city with a cosmopolitan history. It is also the first fortified port on the coast. As early as 1760, the Sultan wanted to create a permanently usable port. It naturally became the country’s most important port in the 18th century. You can therefore sail quietly across the Atlantic, disembark in Essaouira and then take the R207 road, directly to Marrakech.

Casablanca, the largest port

It is further away than Essaouira, but the duration is equivalent to reach Marrakech by car, and planes are also possible. So why not anchor your yacht in Casablanca before taking off to your destination?

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