What activities can you do as a company on the French Riviera?

Team building is practised by many companies in order to unite employees and motivate them. Indeed, getting employees to do things together is a well-known management method for solving problems, improving performance and reducing the risk of conflict within a work team. Many DMC agencies help companies organise their travel arrangements. The French Riviera welcomes millions of business tourists every year, both because of the many events taking place there, and also because the region is an ideal place to stay and recharge your batteries. Indeed, between its climate and its landscapes, the French Riviera has many options for activities, as a company or not, of which the following is a non-exhaustive list.

Groupe de personnes jouant dans un grand tube.


Mountain activities

The region has the advantage of being located between sea and mountains, and the travel agencies know all the activities that will appeal to nature lovers.

The hinterland has splendid canyons in which canyoning, rafting or simply river trekking can be practised.

There are also many climbing spots, either overlooking the sea or in the mountains. These spots are well known and are ideal places for this activity, which is practised in groups and builds team spirit. “Via ferrata” or climbing in pairs allows you to face your fears and support each other, by encouraging or assuring a partner.

Finally, the Alps are a large mountain range and while in winter sports such as downhill skiing, snowshoe trekking or simply sunbathing on a terrace with mulled wine are available, in summer this massif offers the possibility of hiking or cycling with access to magnificent landscapes.

Group activities

DMC agencies know that some company activities have more impact than others. Here are a few.

Discover the seaside by Segway

Some companies offer Segway tours of the city. This is a quick, fun and above all less tiring way to visit the important parts of a city.

An escape game for teamwork

The goal of escape games is to leave you in a room to solve a scenario as a team by collecting clues and solving puzzles. So it’s a great way to unite a team and increase its cohesion.

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