Corporate travel on the French Riviera: call on an incoming agency

The French Riviera is reputed to be one of the most touristy regions in the world, welcoming more than 11 million visitors each year. Although these are generally pleasure trips, more than 16% of the stays have a “business” motive and no less than 130,000 congress participants pass through Nice Côte d’Azur airport each year. A godsend for travel agencies and incoming agencies.

Sculpture in Antibes.

What is the difference between a travel agency and an incoming agency?

Traditionally, travel agencies simply offer “tourist services”, roughly speaking, they promote tour operator packages and receive a commission. Of course, they also offer other independent services, which can range from car rental, to booking air tickets, hotel rooms, etc. in advance. Their services are aimed at individual travelers or groups of travelers.

An incoming agency is described similarly and provides the same services, but in practice the difference comes from the much more elaborate and “à la carte” services it offers. Not only do they offer adapted tours, but they also use their knowledge of the region to prepare tailor-made events and trips in collaboration with various partners and suppliers.

In this way, DMC agencies optimize bookings, gather reliable service providers, and offer the best services. They also offer unique and attractive ideas for discovering the region thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the area. Finally, they adapt to the needs of each client.

A receptive agency for companies

Another distinction that is made in relation to “classic” travel agencies or tour operators is that incoming agencies take care of accompanying companies on their trips, as is the case with La Maison by GTS on the French Riviera.

Organizing a company trip is not an easy task, especially in a region that you do not know. Thus, the agency will use its years of experience to best organize both the stay but also the events that will punctuate the trip.

Social evenings in the most beautiful reception halls, team building activities, incentives, organization of galas and accompanying teams to congresses to name but a few examples.

Incoming agencies are thus real allies for companies during their travels.

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